diving-1Diving With Albatros

We are certified SSI and PADI instructors and Cozumel dive guides.  We provide you with safe, exciting and memorable dives on the most spectacular Cozumel reefs. Alone or in a group, we can handle  your diving needs.

Cozumel dive trips with Albatros Charters aboard ​any of our dive boats are all inclusive: air cylinders, weights and refreshments (purified water and light snacks, such as fruit and fresh pastries).

Have a small group? Ask us about a private dive charter.

Since our Cozumel dive trips are customized towards your needs and abilities, you can enjoy the time as you choose, with people who know the region and care about your diving experience. Generally, 4-5 hours is sufficient for two tank dives and 6-7 hours is sufficient for 3 to 4 tank dives, with refreshments served during surface intervals or lunch on a 3 tank. Diving with others who dive based on your air consumption allows for extended bottom times.

See our full list of Dives and Rates.




Not certified?

Check out our Dive Training courses, provided by certified SSI Instructors. Albatros is a Scuba Schools International Latin America (SSI LA) Diver Training Facility, also offering training in Divers Alert Network (DAN programs). On all our dives we follow the SSI Safe Diving Tables with the exception of special computer run trips.  Albatros Charters is a supporter of DAN.  If you do not currently have DAN insurance, please inquire or sign up through our Dan link.dan

You must be a certified diver for the Albatros Charters dive trips, unless you are signed up as one of our students or charter us with your instructor.  Cozumel is a great place to consider getting certified for scuba diving.


diving-3Our Dive Boats

Our smaller boat, the Libra, is a 25 foot Boston whaler type boat. It is a fully covered boat with a 6 passenger count. It’s a nice, clean fast boat that can get divers and/or snorkelers out to the reefs quickly without spending hours traveling each way.

The Frigate, is our 32 foot boat, which has been remodeled to hold 10 divers very comfortably.

The Albatros holds up to 16 passengers, even though we prefer to keep the groups smaller for dive trips for comfort reasons.

If you’ve got a larger group we’ll utilize all of our boats to dive together. The entire crew will happily make sure you are well taken care of.

Albatros Charters believes not only in safe diving and good fun but also in personal service.


Eagle rays are here from December - March!  Let Albatros take you on an unforgettable eagle ray dive.  Reserve your trip today!

Eagle rays are here from December – March! Let Albatros take you on an unforgettable eagle ray dive. Reserve your trip today!

Video record your dives!

If you want a special keepsake or memories of a group trip, we will gladly arrange for a very talented videographer to record your entire trip (or just a day or two) at a very reasonable rate. He’ll then edit and mix it with some music, complete with titles and information about your dives and put it all on a cd for you.  Just ask us at time of booking.

Have a group of divers AND snorkelers? Let us know. We can work with you for a great day out, whether you’re below the water or above!

Dive trips can also be combined with a half day fishing trip!

After a day of diving or snorkeling with your group, relax and enjoy your ride back with Albatros Charters.

We’ll bring you more vacation value, more vacation choices, more vacation fun!!!

Rules of the National Coral Reef Park of Cozumel

Your guide is authorized to enforce the following rules and may, if necessary, suspend, restrict or terminate your activities if you disobey any of these rules. parque-nacionalFollowing these guidelines ensures the life and conservation of our reefs. We appreciate your respect on these guidelines which will help ensure a healthier and quicker recovery of our reef system since Hurricane Wilma.  Please adhere to the following:

  • DO NOT: Touch, collect, chase or withdraw any sea organism, even if dead.
  • DO NOT: Feed the fish.
  • DO NOT: Use gloves, knives, harpoons or explosives.
  • DO NOT: Touch, stand, step or hold on to the reef. (Be extremely careful while taking photos.)
  • DO NOT: Use suntan lotions that are not biodegradable.
  • If snorkeling, wear a vest.