Cozumel Sport Fishing Guide

Depending on the season, you can expect to catch sailfish, blue and white marlin (we prefer to catch and release bill fish), wahoo, grouper, snapper, dorado (a.k.a. mahi-mahi) and barracuda, just to name a few.  During high season (April through July), marlin, sailfish, dorado and tuna are plentiful.  Year round you can expect to catch wahoo, grouper, barracuda, mackerel, amberjack, snapper and blackfin tuna.





Sailfish, the number one target species in the area. This beautiful billfish has a large dorsal fin, resembling a sail. This fish is noted for its fighting ability & often spends as much of the battle in the air as in the water. Very difficult to catch – from enticing it to take the bait, to keeping it on the line while it is dancing on the surface. A very exciting sport fish.


Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is the largest of Atlantic billfish. It is not uncommon to see this huge fish heave itself into the sky in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. Our populations reach 500 lbs. although they may reach 1,800 lbs. in other parts of the Atlantic.


White Marlin

White Marlin, a tough fighter. Once a marlin takes your bait be prepared for a good battle and aerial display. They will take every opportunity to shake the hook off.



Barracuda, alias Tiger of the Sea, is an inquisitive and aggressive predator. Found inshore as well as deep, it provides an aerial display, often jumping out of the water. You cannot mistake this fish, its saber like teeth are an easy giveaway.



Dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish are found in warm waters world wide, the Dorado is among the most colorful of the game fish. Its hard fighting and gold-green and blue colors makes this fish one of the most popular.



Tuna are among the world’s hardest running fish and can give you a heck of a battle. In the Yucatan you can find Yellow fin, Black fin and Skipjack tunas.


King Mackerel

King Mackerel are fun fish to catch.  They are explosive fighters and will take the bait and run hard.  Best to let them take the bait and then set the hook with a lot of power.



The greater amberjack is the largest of the jacks and the most important to anglers.  Usually weighing in at 20 to 50 pounds, they are known for their strength and fighting spirit.