Our Crew

Our knowledgeable staff and crew are bilingual and provide VIP service on all of our charters. Albatros Charters has been in business since 1995 and we’ve been fishing and diving these waters for years.  You’ll find our staff to be  experienced, professional and a lot of fun.  On all of our charters, we offer you as much flexibility as possible and provide the personal touch you deserve.

Rita Absher

Rita Absher

Owner, Operator

Rita is originally from Wheaton, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She became a PADI Open Water Diver in 1995 while in Playa del Carmen and soon afterwards, moved to Cozumel. She became an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor in Cozumel in 2003. Rita has been the owner/operator of Albatros Charters since 1997 which started with one boat. While not diving as much as she used to she has downsized she invites you to join her and the crew for some of the best fishing or snorkeling in Cozumel!

Captain Lalo

Captain Eduardo

Captain of The Albatros

Eduardo (aka Lalo) has been working since he was a child.  Like most other captains on this island, they start young and learn from their parents.  In Cozumel, most skills are passed down from the family, not through a shooling system.  His English is excellent and his love of the boat and fishing is easily recognized.   It’s probably all of his interaction with tourists at such an early age that has helped him with his English.  He enjoys fishing and it comes quite naturally to him!

First Mate Jamie


Merinero / First Mate 

Jimmy came from a large family.  He had 8 brothers and sisters and the family could not afford to send them all to school.  Like many Mexican kids, Jimmy had to work at an early age.  He’s been working on boats since he was 15 years old.  Jimmy is one of the best first mates we’ve seen.  His English is excellent and he can truly help a novice out or give an advanced angler their space.

Robert Bungener

Robert Bungener

Head Mechanic / Part Time Instructor

Originally from Holland, Robert is a PADI and TDI/SDI Master Scuba Trainer. He began diving in 1995, getting his certification in Saudi Arabia. Since then, Robert has dived in the Middle East, Red Sea, Indonesia, Indian Ocean and Mexico. He gives the diving in Mexico high ranking and has made Cozumel his home since 1998.



Empleado con Confienza

Miguel came to Cozumel right after hurricane Gilbert in 1988. He packs up gear, shops, chauffers, makes food and runs all kinds of errands.  He has worked for us for years behind the scenes.  He’s our all around ‘go to’ guy!  He is the one to thank for your awesome guacamole and pico de gallo on those cielo trips!