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Cozumel is a vibrant island rich in history.  It’s beauty stretches far beyond its spectacular shores.   Today, the island is known as a world-class dive destination, but before there were tourists, there were religious pilgrimages.  In the ancient Mayan world, women came here to pay homage to the fertility goddess, Ixchel.  Through the centuries, Cozumel became an important sanctuary in the Yucatan region and the Mayan influence remains today.

Since the religious pilgrimages of the past, Cozumel has flourished with visitors from around the world.  Today, the island receives more than two million visitors per year, making us one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico.  Most travel here to dive, snorkel and enjoy long sunny days, but it’s the rich culture and traditions that make Cozumel a special place.

Cozumel is approximately 30 miles from north to south and 10 miles from east to west, so exploring the island is easy.  The average temps are around 80 degrees.  Summers are slightly warmer, ranging in the mid 80s to 90s and the winters cool to the mid 70s.  The water temperature ranges from 77 to 82 degrees throughout the year, so it’s It’s almost always beach weather!

Cozumel is home to the  second largest reef structure in the Caribbean, teeming with hundreds of tropical fish, turtles and other vibrant marine life.  It is truly a diver’s dream.  But even if you don’t explore the depths of the sea, there is much to see and do above the water, such as deep sea fishing, snorkeling, or enjoying a leisurely cruise along the shoreline.

You’ll find jungles filled with lush vegetation and exotic creatures surrounding a quirky little town called San Miguel, filled with eclectic dining choices and funky shops.  But the best thing about Cozumel is it’s people…our locals are the friendliest in the world!

Our Community

Cozumel is a close-knit community of people who are passionate about preserving the beauty of the island and taking care of it’s residents. We support these fine local businesses, services and charities that contribute to the local economy, provide valuable tourist information and work hard to make the island a better place. Please visit them on your next trip, or find out more about them on the links provided and be a part of our community!

The Humane Society of Cozumel Island has been working to help the animals in our community non-stop since 1996. Our clinic/shelter, which opened in April 1996, began with two rooms, no electricity, 24 kennels, one vet and one kennel worker. Today, we have a full-time staff of 7 and care for over 60 dogs and 100+ cats at any given time. We receive an average of 40 animals per month, either found astray or given up by their owners for a variety of reasons. We do our best to care for them and place them in good, loving homes.

Our goal is to fully change the approach towards dog and cat overpopulation with an aggressive spay/neuter program both at the clinic and by utilizing mobile clinics. By finding loving homes for pets and providing education to the community, we can create responsible pet-people relationships and improve the welfare of animals.

Our work is made possible by many wonderful humans who contribute their time, talents and/or money to the cause for which we are immensely grateful.

Adopt a pet!  On our website, you can browse through photos of the many dogs and cats at the shelter who desperately need loving homes.  If you find one that’s a good fit for you, The Humane Society can arrange to have the animal brought to you via their Pet Escort program.


Website: czm4you.com


Cozumel’s number one source of positive information about our island!

Cozumel 4 You is a comprehensive marketing and promotions company helping small business in Cozumel to bond and grow together. We’re dedicated to promoting small locally owned businesses rather than the large conglomerate corporations.

The Cozumel 4 You News reaches over 16,500 Cozumel based or Cozumel friendly readers weekly, and it’s bi-lingual!  Our website has an average of 10,500 hits a day. The Cozumel 4 You Facebook group has almost 1,500 members.

“Teaming with friends to pick up trash and beautify the planet.”

The Trashy Little Group was formed to promote beach clean up on the island of Cozumel, but membership and meaning are open to all who care to join in by cleaning up their curb, neighborhood, favorite park bench, or wherever you find inspiration.

Monthly beach clean-up events are held to pick up trash on our beaches.  It’s fun and you can meet new friends while keeping our beaches beautiful!


Website: cozumelradio.net


Cozumel Radio is the island’s only English internet radio station.  The concept was born out of the need to create a vehicle to globally share the “good word” about the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico.

The number one goal of the station is to promote the island and its many fine businesses, encourage tourism, and provide information about current and upcoming events.  The station’s playlist is ever-evolving with a mix of local and independent artists, as well as timeless favorites.

The Shark Tank Radio Show now airs 3 times a week – Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2pm and Saturdays at 10am (Central times).  Your host and DJ, Sharky, mixes it up with whatever songs are in his brain that week!  Tune in to find out what’s happening on the island and enjoy some classic rock, blues and even a little country now and then!

Galería Azul is an art gallery in Cozumel and the working studio for glass artist Greg Dietrich.  He works with engraved blown glass to create unique lamps and night lights, candle art and engraved blown glass vessels.  He is also known for his colorful paintings on silk.  A visit to Galeria Azul allows you to see Greg engraving glass and/or creating one of his paintings on silk.

Greg’s subject matter is inspired by the beauty which surrounds him in Cozumel and the adjoining areas of the Yucatan Peninsula. Pieces are influenced by the Mayan ruins, the vast coral reefs that surround the island, and almost any type of animal found in nature.

The pieces are mounted in a variety of bases. Metal, wood, stone, or no base at all, letting the shape of the glass support it.  He also works extensively with illumination.  Taking advantage of the translucency of the glass, combined with mahogany bases, he creates unique lamps that are really illuminated engravings.